Thursday, December 6, 2012

Saturday Riding

The Tampa Bay area has received a lot of bad press in the last couple of years. Between the images of oil filled waters following the oil spill in the Gulf, the threats during the Republican National Convention, and the latest Petreaus affair connections, I can see how people from outside the area would not desire to come here on a mini vacation.

I have lived here now for almost eight years, and have specifically lived in the St. Petersburg area.  In the last few years, this City has become a lively community of bars, restaurants, hotels, art festivals and sports....and I just can't get enough!

As mentioned a few weeks ago, Mickey and I purchased our new Electra beach cruisers and last Saturday was the perfect outing for them.  The Next Big Thing is an annual concert put on by an alternative radio station, 97X, and this year it featured bands such as Fun., Flogging Molly, Grouplove, and Bush! Although we didn't have tickets, the music, the weather and the people made it a perfect crusin' kind of day!

This was our view from the St. Pete Pier. You could see the stage and hear the music perfectly from this spot! Next year we hope to park the boat, like the boats in this picture.

This little guy was not a stranger and had no problem joining us as we sat on the Pier.
Transportation thanks to St. Pete Bike and Fitness.
My guy in his "Murray Christmas" tank. He was so thrilled with all of the compliments her received from this shirt. He truly makes me laugh.

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