Friday, December 7, 2012

A Gift Guide for My America Loving, Porsche Racing, Comical Best Friend

In trying to be more pro-active in my Christmas shopping this year, I attacked it, head on, starting in September. That's pretty early, right? Thinking I would have all of my presents early, instead of rushing out on my lunch breaks and weekends. And also not spending my money all at once.

With Mickey, I started buying the little things that would make him happy but with a smaller price tag, eventually saving up for the big purchase. Unfortunately this did not work in my favor as we decided to buy each other our New Years trip to New Orleans for Christmas and now it is too late to make any returns! Grrr.

I know that I have been filling my blog with Christmas gift ideas these past few days, but other blog gift guides were helpful to me last year, so I hope I can do the same for you if you are having trouble with what to get! (Check out A Cup of Jo who has some great gift guides!)

Beer/Food Calendar ($24) (will be in stock again next week hopefully!)

Go Pro Camera ($199.99 to $399.99) This is an amazing and versatile camera. Mickey loves it in his race car and will be scubaing with it soon!)

On the same lines of the Go Pro, this bendy phone cable/tripod is pretty awesome! ($30)


Season DVDs of our 2 favorite shows Homeland and Sons of Anarchy (I mean...did you SEE the finale?!?)

Wickles Pickles - the best spicy pickle, relish around! ($4.95 and above)


A funny shirt for him: Shark Punch ($21); Right to Bare Arms ($23.50); Murray Christmas tee

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