Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Fitness Junkie Gift Guide

Do you have a friend who likes smelling like sweat more than perfume? Whose hair is always in a pony tail because they are always ready to burn some calories? Spends the majority of the weekend in a gym, in a pool or on a bike? Or do they just love spandex!?! Not sure what to get them in their stocking this year?

Check out my 2012 Fitness Junkie Gift Guide (all gifts under $70).

(1) Nike Fuel Band ($149); (2) Key Cuff from Lululemon (3) Sweaty Bands ($13 - $18); (4) Sea Bag Dopp Kit ($40); (5) Tuline Charcoal Shimmer Uno yoga mat strap ($30); (6) Nike Hyperwarm Hybrid Shirt ($70); (7) Keep Calm and Work Out tank from person10

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