Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wake Up!!! Tips for an Early Morning Workout

It's Wednesday. Hump day! Work has probably drained the life out of you by now and you are begging for the weekend! So how on earth do you motivate yourself to get up for an early morning workout? I was certainly questioning skipping my 5:00 a.m. class this morning.

As you can see, Miss Ellie Mae hates getting up early, as well…
But here are some tips for getting up early!
  1. Just like with work, try and set our outfit ahead of time! Check the weather and make sure that you have enough layers (or in Florida, too many). Set your socks and shoes in front of your bed.
  2. Make sure you have a good alarm clock. I will admit it is very easy to hit snooze on my iPhone and hide it under my pillow! Here is my current alarm setting…

If you can reach it easily enough to hit snooze, try placing it in a spot in the room where you have to get up and hit it.
  1. I guess I am guilty of this regardless of whether I am going to work out in the morning, but try to go to sleep in your sports bra and socks. You're part-way to getting fully dressed and ready to go!
  2. Keep a glass of water and/or a quick snack like a banana, an energy ball (see my previous post on how to make these!), or a granola bar. Mickey is also a fan of No-Explode from GNC to get that little energy burst.
  3. If you require water for your run/work out, get that ready the night before, as well. I like to freeze mine overnight, so that it will melt as my workout progresses.
  4. When your alarm goes off, DO NOT HIT SNOOZE! This is probably the most important tip. Set the alarm for the latest possible time so that you are in a hurry to get ready, rather than allowing yourself 10 more minutes of sleep. It is so much easier to skip a workout, otherwise.
  5. Work out with a partner. It is easy to say to yourself that you are going to sleep in, but it is so much harder to say it to a friend that's ready to work out! Get that friend to push you through it!
Happy training!

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