Monday, July 23, 2012

Case of the Mondays

Hope everyone had a nice, relaxing weekend!

I started to think about this blog over the weekend and am still working on figuring out how to theme my posts. On Mondays, I will attempt to discuss topics/trending articles that seem to have peaked my interest, recently, in "Case of the Mondays"

A couple of months ago, I took a trip to Miami to visit my best high school friends for a girls' weekend. Over time, we started to discuss the possibility that we can no longer make life-long friends as thirty-somethings.  I started to reflect on my own experiences...had I made any new friends recently? My law school friends were one thing, but could I really go out and meet another woman today that I would feel comfortable sharing my feelings and my personal life with.

My bestie, Nora, gave the example of another girl that she saw on the train on her way to the City every morning.  They obviously lived in the same location, worked in similar places, wore similar clothes and liked the same books.  So why couldn't she just go an say hi to her. Maybe make a new acquaintance? Why was she so scared?

Two weeks after our trip, my other friend, Diana, texted a picture of an advertisement to a service for women seeking new girlfriends.  Is this really where we are headed?  Paying for a "dating" service for friends?  It seems like it! What do you think? Are we too old to make new friends? Or are we just more picky and protective of letting new people into our lives.

Ironically the New York Times has asked just that!

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  1. this is very true - and sad! i see the same women on the train every morning - they make the same commute as I do, at the same time, reading similar (if not the same!) novels, and yet we politely pretend that we are total strangers. someone should have warned us about this!