Friday, May 31, 2013

Back In The Groove

Most days lately, I would rather be a successful blogger than an attorney. The long hours, substantial reading and trial preparation, have been consuming all of my time and energy. So I apologize for neglecting you, my good readers! The good news is, all of the work was not for naught, as lead counsel and I won a jury verdict for our client. It was my first trial since becoming an attorney, and I was thrilled for the opportunity.

In other news, I have also joined Bayview Bootcamp's 28 day "Sculpted by Summer" Challenge.  28 days of clean eating and healthier living, including 3 days of detox (no caffeine, no alcohol, and plenty of water) and heavy-duty workouts.  Laura has been great in tailoring this plan with recipes, meal plans, travel workouts, grocery lists, and food swap items. I am loving it so far, although I had massive headaches for the first 3 days due to caffeine withdrawal!

Laura's helpful manual and some charts that I personally use to track meals, groceries and calories. You can buy these forms on Etsy.
Lunch today - baked salmon 1/2 cup quinoa and baked veggies.
My pick me up drink, Kombucha. A preservative and gluten free tea with beneficial enzymes, vitamins and probiotics. This one was very good!
I'll be sure to check in with my progress soon! Already down 2 pounds! 

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