Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Pray for Boston

I had been prepared to post yesterday about Marathon Monday and the coming together of a community for a day of racing, personal achievement and support in and for the Boston Marathon. Instead, I have a heavy heart, as that same community is coming together today for different reasons - comfort, prayer and aid.

Although details are uncertain as to how or why this occurred, we are hearing the stories from the people/witnesses involved, and those who have put those focus towards hope. One NBC correspondent posted on Twitter that, those racers who finished the race, ran to Mass General Hospital in an effort to donate blood.  Former Patriots linebacker, Joe Andruzzi, who was at the finish line, did his best to assist in getting the injured to help. I hope more stories like these shine through this tragedy.  I think this online article sums up some of these heroic efforts. This article was also great.

In the last 12 hours or so, I have also received countless emails and notifications from the local running communities.  Runners are a tough bunch. We run tirelessly for long distances. We celebrate the love of the sport and the events that allow us to come together to demonstrate this passion. Despite it being a sport of the runner and the road, we support each other, and I think we will begin to see that strength in the days, weeks and years to come. 

Today, I will be joining runners at the American Racing Company in Clearwater for a memorial 5k. Today I will run in honor of those we lost. Because today we are all Bostonians. Check out this link for a downloadable "Runner's Unite" Race Bib for your future runs!

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