Friday, March 15, 2013

Seeing Things In a New Light

Without glasses or contacts, forget it. I cannot see how many fingers you are holding up. I cannot even see your face if you are a foot in front of me. Near-sided, far-sided and an astigmatism, believe me....I am blind!

I was in the market for a new pair of glasses when I tried out Warby Parker.  This is a great company, founded by four men who felt that prescription eyerwear should not cost an arm and a leg. And as a person who has spent $500+ on a pair of glasses, I can appreciate this concept! I was also surprised at their company policy that, for every pair purchased, Warby Parker would donate a pair to someone in need. Very generous.

The company will send potential customers five (5) pairs of demo glasses (styles chosen by the customer, of course) to try on at home.  This process was so simple, and I really enjoyed picking out the styles.  They were shipped to me within days and I got to have several fashions shows with friends and co-workers to try and pick out my next pair.  You have five (5) days to try them on, and returning them is so simple. There is no committment to purchase, either!

So here is my mini Warby Parker fashion show! What do you think??

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