Friday, March 22, 2013

Cause Friday, I'm In Love

Sorry boys. I'm off the market! J/k. But I am in love with a little man named, Lentil. I have a feeling, once you see this little guy, you will be too.

I learned of Lentil, the Frenchie with a severe cleft palate (but the cutest disposition), through an article on Buzzfeed.  After hearing about his fight, his wonderful foster mother and the mutiple vets helping this little guy, I was instantly inspired, and began following his progress. Thank you to his foster mommy for sharing his story with us on her blog My Name Is Lentil or on his very own Facebook page! Trust me....seeing the bean's fuzzy face in photos and videos will brighten your day, regardless of how bad a day you may be having!

According to the blog, this is one of the initial pictures of "the bean". So tiny!
This is one of the pictures posted, showing what Lentil is working with! What a trooper!

Of course he had an instant fan following! How cute is that painting!?!?

At the doctors'...cute is an understatement!

I love his foster mommy's sense of humor!

Lentil today! The ears are growing and he's up to 3 pounds!!! Love you Lentil and sending you good thoughts!
As I have posted before, I am loving these monthly subscription companies that send samples of goodies to your door every month.  Now it looks like your doggies can get in on it, too, with Barkbox which gives $10 in donations to the French Bulldog Rescue for every subscription.  Please support these causes, and remember....ADOPT! It will change your life, as much as it will save their's!
Me and my pound pup, Ellie Mae.

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