Monday, August 13, 2012

Food Coma!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend this weekend! We had a nice weekend with friends and food with an emphasis on food (hence the title of today's post). It was our good friend, Thomas' 31st birthday on Saturday and to celebrate, he invited us to one of his favorite brunch spots, Ella's Folk Art Cafe for Soul Food Sunday. Let's just say Mickey and I cheated from the gluten free yesterday!

I was instantly drawn to this place with its southern, folky vibe which could have been situated in the heart of New Orleans.

There will be no "Mickey's Wine of the Week" as I feel that he will be talking about this Bloody Mary for the next few days! Yes, that is a rib in the drink.

And look at this order of chicken and waffles! I have to say, this place was worth the trip from St. Pete and we will certainly go there again (if we decide to cheat the diet!) Try the fried pickes and the bacon mac and cheese if you go, or go on a week day and try the rest of their menu. Although it will be "soulless" I guarantee it will be phenomenal!

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