Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Thrift Shop - Poppin' Tags!

Although my mother wanted to decorate the majority of my new apartment in IKEA finds, I wanted the space to also have some classic looks. We were focused on a black, white and neutral color scheme, and needed a good black piece to compliment the IKEA white we had purchased.
Meet thrift shop find number one. It was a heavy, yellowish drawer set that my mother picked up at a thrift shop. Although she questioned how it would looked painted, I fell in love with it's contemporary look. 


We picked up some basic satin black paint and primer to cover the hideous yellow wood!

My hard working mother...
My mother then found this piece at Gulfport Furniture for $5! She was embarassed to even bring the seat into the house, but it was perfect for my bedroom desk! Meet thrift shop find number two!
We used simple batting from Jo Ann Fabrics and some left over fabric that my mother had used for some pillows in my living room.  Dad painted the chair with a couple of coats of primer and white satin paint. A staple gun, and we were done! Not bad for $5! 

Pics of the entire apartment, coming soon!


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