Monday, February 11, 2013

Sore Is An Understatement

Based on my current situation, I have been more focused on moving into a new home than training for a half marathon. And needless to say, today I am paying the price! Sore calfs have made for difficult walking!

The Rock and Roll St. Pete Half Marathon was yesterday. It was its second year running, and it was a great pick-me up. The weather was absolutely perfect for running and the route was full of great bands and even better supporters!

Although it was not a PR for me (about 2:12), I was still happy with this run and hope I can get in better shape for the Gasparilla Race in 2 weeks.

At the starting line...
Rockin' and rollin'....on stilts
This is about where my legs gave out...mile 8 on the St. Pete Pier.
Although I didn't see the actual ceremony, this was my favorite pair of runners. His shirt reads "I'm getting hitched at the finish line!" Loved it! Nothing says romance and love like 13.1! 

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  1. Great pics! Lots of runner friends have been using this term "PR" and I feel so out of touch - what does that mean?? :)