Friday, January 4, 2013

Long Time Gone

Hey friends. It's been a long time! I apologize for my lengthy absence. It was a fun Christmas and New Years with friends and family, and I am excited to share those times with you! I hope your holidays were memorable and happy, as well.

I'll start off by embarassing myself in 2013. My mother seems to have a knack for doing that, and this Christmas was no exception, with her displaying my lovely pictures with Santa for all to see!

At least here, I am a cute little nugget! (Unfortunately, they just seem to go downhill from here!)
Oh bobby socks and plaid!

True product of the eighties....graphic sweater and bangs! (Although I am rocking bangs currently.)
Here comes the awkward stage...turtle necks, missing teeth and whitewashed jeans! And I am holding Santa's hand??

Apparently big hats were in???
Glasses, high waisted jeans...I wish I could say that this was my last time with Santa!
Oh yeah! This was the hottness...a perm, glasses, braces, black jeans...and oh yes...that is a button cover! So beautiful!
Here's to laughing more in 2013!!!

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  1. A button cover?? I've never heard of such! You were an adorable child :)