Monday, October 15, 2012

Addie Gets DogShamed

It's one of the silliest websites out there and is certainly my reprieve during a long day at the office - Dog Shaming. If you own dogs, than you can relate to this,

And this,

And maybe even this???

Ellie, our 10 year old rescue, beagle mix has never been one for trouble. She just eats any and all food she sets in her sights. But the "monster dog", Addie, the 2 year old Rottweiler, is somewhat of a destroyer. She has devoured 5 pillows, walls, and pieces of furniture….despite being spoiled with dozens of chew toys. This weekend she ate the wall (again), our comforter, and my iPhone (luckily it is still functioning, but with a few new teeth marks). So it was Addie's turn to be "dogshamed". Enjoy! Anyone want a Rottweiler??

1 comment:

  1. Ouch, that's no good. Naughty puppy. I love dogshaming too though, that website cracks me right up. :) Keep up the good work, I'm having fun reading your blog!