Monday, September 24, 2012

Old Friends and New Beginnings

I hope everyone was able to enjoy their weekends! Mickey and I were busy prepping the house for the visit from the rents in a few weeks. DIYs and design projects to follow this week!
Friday night was one of the more fun night's we've had in a while. Back in college, my friend, Kate, introduced me to her brother, Andrew McMahon. If you have heard of Something Corporate or Jack's Mannequin, you are familiar with his amazing musical talent and his command of the stage and, of course, the piano!

If you're also a fan of Andrew, than you know that he is a cancer survivor and was able to document his battle in "Dear Jack". It is a phenomenal story and of course, it gets emotional for me when I hear the part of my strong friend, Kate, donating her bone marrow to save her brother. Quite frankly, she is an inspiration!

I have been so fortunate to see Andrew when he comes to Tampa. Last Friday, Andrew came out to the Tampa Bay's 97x Green Room concert, performing acoustically with other bands such as Blue October, Switchfoot and Paper Tongues. Mickey and I had a great time! Andrew put on another perfect show, as always, and I was thankful to be at one of his last performances, as he is, in his words "ending a chapter" in his music career. I am so happy for him and look forward to any new projects he works on. Here are some of our photos from the show:

Also, here is a video of Andrew and my friend, Chris, singing Piano Man at the show! Love these two!

Please check out Andrew's foundation, The Dear Jack Foundation which raises money and awareness for programs affecting young adult cancer patients. It is a wonderful cause, so please donate or purchase some Dear Jack swag.

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