Monday, November 12, 2012

Strong Women

You know, I have been fortunate to meet so many wonderful people in my life. I am even luckier to meet women who are strong, confident and inspirational. I have friends who are creative women running their own businesses, including my mom. Smart and professional women who are lawyers, doctors and business women. And friends who are becoming loving mothers and wives. You are all just plain awesome.

She'll most likely snicker at me for posting this, but my friend Kelly is one of these women. And if you can tell from the photo, she's strong in more ways than one. (I just happened to snag this shot while shopping at the Tampa-Hyde Park LuluLemon this weekend, where she is currently an Ambassador.) Kelly is a co-owner and coach at Crossfit 813 here in Tampa, Florida. In 2008, she was first introduced to the fitness phenomenon that is Cross Fit. As she notes on her website, "CrossFit changed my life. It forces me to do things, mentally and physically, I never thought possible. I have never felt stronger, more confident, more driven and healthier in my life. I hope my coaching helps others exceed their goals and live a more rewarding life."

I have yet to head over there, but it's probably because of how intimidating cross fit is to me. What do you think? Have you tried the latest craze? If you are in Tampa, please check out Kelly and her other trainers over at CrossFit 813!

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