Friday, October 19, 2012

College Gameday DIY

As soon as you move to Florida, you will be asked one simple question that will make or break potential friendships…are you a Gator or a Nole (Seminole)? It was not until 5 or 6 years ago that Uconn joined the Big East in football, and coming from a former all girls' college which did not have a football or baseball team, I was never too concerned with college football, despite my love affair with sports. I have been a loyal Conn College Camel for over 10 years and a Uconn Huskie fan by proxy after being a resident of Connecticut. So I was torn over which team to choose upon starting law school. I loved the Gator mascot, and the potential for buying ANYTHING Gator, as I learned from my friend and UF alum, Ashley. Plus garnet and gold were not good colors on me.
In relationships, I always had to support my significant other's team, so needless to say there have been times that I have rooted for the Gators, and maybe even Tennessee (gross). Then I met Mickey. He bleeds garnet and black and liked the University of South Carolina so much, he attended school there for 6 years without obtaining any additional degrees other than a Bachelors! There is something about Gamecocks, and I was sold on the school last year when I finally got to attend my first college football game. (If you haven't gone yet, make it part of your bucket list.)
Saturdays now revolve around gametime, and in honor of my adopted team, I decided to DIY a USC wreath for our house. A few burnt fingers later, I think it came out pretty well!

What you will need:
Glue gun
Glue sticks
2 spools of 1 inch to 2 inch width ribbon in your school colors ($2 - $4 each). As you can see, I also bought some football appropriate ribbon to add.
Wooden football ($.99)
3 wooden letters – not painted ($.99 each)
Garnet acrylic paint ($1)
Wooden wreath ($9.99 at Michael's)
Cut ribbon in 2 inch strips. Fold each piece in half to make half a bow and glue to the wreath. Fill in as many spaces as you can and alternate the colors. Paint your letters and fasten them with a glue gun, as well. Ta da! Beware Gators! The Gamecocks are coming for you tomorrow!!!

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