Friday, August 24, 2012

What’s On Your Fitness Bucket List?

Most people either have a "bucket list" with the things or places they want to do/go to before they die, like sky diving or taking a trip to Italy. On Wednesday night, I came home to find Mickey, watching a movie off of Netflix called "Ride the Divide" – a race that has only been accomplished by a handful of people who race on a mountain bike from Alberta, Canada and down the continental divide to the Mexican border. 2700 of uneven terrain and snow….and ALONE! Instantly, Mickey wanted to do it (along with climbing Everest – yeah right) despite the fact that it would take a month to do and take months of training. Although the terrain was absolutely breathtaking, I watched one of the race participants, Mary, have severe mental struggles to complete the trip alone and with extremely swollen legs!

It could be a quarter life crisis for both of us, but as Mickey starts to watch these documentaries on Everest treks and extreme bike racing, I've started to think about the fitness accomplishments that I would like to complete in my lifetime. My fitness bucket list, if you will.
Bucket List Item #1: Run a Marathon – preferably Boston or NYC. I have run multiple half-marathons and have loved every second of these longer runs. But my knees have not been pleased. I would like to complete a full marathon in the next year or 2 using advice from Jeff Galloway, one of the leading running gurus in the country. (Shout out to my former Conn College roomie, Bonnie!)

Bucket List Item #2: Complete a Ragnar race in Napa Valley or compete in the Vineman Triathlon in Napa Valley. Because after a race like that, who wouldn't want to replenish those lost calories with wine!
Bucket List Item #3: Get strong arms. No more lunch lady arms! Like Kelly Ripa!

In honor of today's post, I will be performing another Fitness Bucket List item – completing Laura Forte's Spartan Challenge! 100 jump squats, 200 push ups, 300 sit ups and 400 burpees! I'll let you know if I survive!!!

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