Thursday, August 16, 2012

I Run This Town

I am not too smart when it comes to working newer forms of technology. There have been multiple times when I have called Mickey to ask how to turn on our television when the IPod Touch remote we have is not syncing with the television set. I forget that you can manually do this!
Recently I attended a CLE on utilizing your iPad as a lawyer. It was a great CLE, but the saddest thing was that they taught me how to organize my apps after owning my iPhone for almost 2 years!
I made a folder for all of my top training apps entitled "I Run This Town". These particular apps will certainly guide you in the right direction when you are looking for some motivation!

  1. Livestrong App – MyPlate Calorie Tracker: This is a daily took that allows you to track your progress in terms of the calories you consume, your exercise regimen per day, and your weight.

I find that this app is very good at listing multiple brands of food that I eat, and national chain restaurants, so that calorie counting isn't a pain in the neck. It has really forced me to focus on the amount of calories I take in every day, and forces longer workouts too (probably so I can eat more!)
  1. app: Just like the website, this mobile app allows you to look up local races and other activities on your phone and register right there. It also provides articles from and even allows you to share a race you have found with a friend on social networks.

    They also have additional apps such as the couch-to-5K, Reserve America (allows you to reserve campsights!), Meet Mobile (get swim meet times in real time), and 5K-to-10K app.
  2. NPT Boom: This app syncs your music to your training workouts with actual athletes giving you "attaboys" throughout the way. Maybe Evan Longoria can cheer me on through burpees??

  3. My personal favorite à The Nike Training Club: provides full body workouts (with pictures) developed by Nike professional trainers. First, you select your goal and level and choose from a list of workouts that meet your criteria. Once chosen, you will be provided with detailed, step-by-step instructions and video demonstrations of each drill. You can pause at any time to access on demand instruction. Meanwhile, you can choose the album or playlist from the library that will keep you motivated. Finally, review a summary of your workout when you are done. Every minute of training gets the user closer to NTC-exclusive rewords
    like personal training advice and star workouts.

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