Friday, August 10, 2012

Feel Good Friday

Happy Friday everyone! I am so thankful for the weekend, as I am exhausted and extremely sore. How are you spending your weekend? Mickey and I are headed to the Tampa Improv tonight to catch the stand-up of Anthony Jeselnick. I am so excited, and love these fun dates with Mickey.

A few days ago while running on the treadmill, ABC News was on the television. The station ran a piece on 2 inspiring brothers which caught my eye. Cayden Long, a 6 year old boy with cerebral palsy was told by doctors that he would never walk and probably not talk. Luckily, he has a fantastic older brother, Connor, who refuses to leave his brother behind, and participates in local kid triathlons, towing his brother the entire way! He told reporters that he would never compete without his brother, and I think it is absolutely amazing that there is such a strong bond between these two. It doesn't get much better than this. Enjoy!

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