Friday, December 14, 2012

The Naughty List - Caloric Cocktails

You know you are heading to a holiday party in the next few weeks. Are you excited for the good food and drinks, or are you dreading the added calories! It's difficult to get through the holidays without going off your diet.  Of course it is a time to toast friends, family and another year, but beware of the negative effects of each drink!

MULLED WINE - 300 calories
Of course our favorite holiday cocktail is at the top of the naughty list!  This warm, sweet wine concoction is of course filled with antioxidant red wine, but the contribution of fruit, sugar, and sometimes brandy, make it a high calorie cocktail.  In order to cut about 200 calories, just drink your favorite wine. Grrr.

A champagne cocktail, such as a French 75, is the second offender on this list, due to the adding of gin and sugar.  If you must, try champagne straight up and add some fruit, like raspberries or strawberries. 

IRISH COFFEE - 200 calories
This desert coffee is a no-no if you are planning on sticking with your diet this holiday season.  The heavy cream and whipped cream make this libation a high caloric intake.  Should you choose to go with the luck of the Irish, try to substitute non-fat milk and avoid the whipped cream topping.  For 105 calories, you can always whiskey up your black coffee and add a sweetener.

THE MARTINI - 135 calories
This drink is one of your best bets over the holidays.  Opt for an original, such a s dirty martini and avoid the special holiday martinis involving chocolate, peppermint, and whipped cream! These can be twice as caloric.  For an extra kick, and calories, try adding 2 bleu cheese stuffed olives.  

Regardless, go out and celebrate!

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